Bryce Fisher-Fleig

Fullstack Forrays into Web Development

Automate Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate Management with Gitlab Pages

21 Jul 2019
Gitlab Pages doesn't provide a fully automated way of obtaining and renewing SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt. I'll walk you through some specifics so that you can use this at home.

Dangers of CloudFront for Small Sites

05 Jul 2019
For small websites, CloudFront can provide protection from DDoS and increase the overall availability of one's web presence; however, on its own CloudFront does not provide effective means of protecting _my_ wallet

Separate IO from Logic

17 May 2018
In many cases, combining business logic and IO can result in difficult to understand and maintain code. I'll try to convince that in many cases, separating business logic and IO can result is easier to test and maintain code.

Recurse Center Day 5: Wrapping Up

12 Jan 2018
My last day at Recurse Center, mini batch 1 2018

Recurse Center Day 4: No, really I am going to decode a frame

11 Jan 2018

Recurse Day 3: Port simple_decoder.c to Rust

10 Jan 2018
Day 3 at RC, and I'm focusing on porting a sample decoder program to Rust and trying to have fun doing other things too.

Debugging Rust programs with lldb on MacOS

10 Jan 2018
I'll explain how to step through a Rust application using LLDB and illustrate some of the most basic commands. This post assumes MacOS throughout. Things are probably _very_ different on Windows, but might be very similar on Linux and friends.

Recurse Center Day 2: Seeks and Blocks

09 Jan 2018
Seeks, Blocks, and overview Matroska layout

Recurse Center Day 1: VP9 != Matroska

08 Jan 2018
Live-blogging my way towards possibly decoding a few frames from VP9 video files while at Recurse Center

Strategies for Returning References in Rust

04 Mar 2017
In Rust, returning references from functions can be hard to master because the developer encounters Rust's novel feature -- lifetimes. I'll demonstrate the problem and show strategies for handling The Borrow Checker.