rustc: Give Us the Binaries and No One Gets Hurt

04 Apr 2014
Rust 0.10 was just released. The biggest change? The Rust community will be distributing binary forms of the compiler, rustc, going forward. Hooray!

Coming at Rust From JavaScript

02 Apr 2014
My explorations in Rust and having to wrestle with a statically typed language

A Super Handy Translation Checklist

14 Mar 2014
I've put together a checklist of some DO's and DON'Ts that I've learned that help me review someone else's code or even my own code before forking over the big bucks to a translation company.

PHP: What Does function ...() use () syntax mean?

31 Jan 2014
Mastering some of more idiosyncratic syntax of PHP is tricky these days with a much faster release cycle in recent years. Here's one syntax that I've seen a lot lately in PHP's "Closures" (aka lambda functions) but could never wrap my head around until tonight: the mysterious PHP function use syntax. TL;DR - use() passes variables from the scope outside the closure into the closure itself. If you're used to closures in JavaScript, get ready for a new twist.

What's Up With AWS Security Groups?

24 Jan 2014
If you're trying to setup Drupal or another application on Amazon Web Services, aka AWS, you'll need to do quite a bit of setup, and you'll need to learn a whole new vocabulary of platform-specific terminology. This post will focus on one AWS-specific term: Security Groups

Using hook_menu to capture custom menus in code

14 Jan 2014
A how-to guide on creating a public-facing menu using hook_menu(). We'll also talk about why hook_menu is so bad, 2 techniques for nesting menu items, and how to put a menu item into the menu of your choosing.

Considerations for Multisite Drupal

28 Dec 2013
At my day job, we've been using the Domain Access module with Drupal 6 for 5 years. Recently, we've decided it's time to rethink our approach to Drupal multisite. In this article, I'll share some of ideal use cases and pitfalls for the Domain module and some alternatives for you to consider.

Best Practices for Translation in Drupal

13 Dec 2013
I'm sharing lessons learned from my experience using Drupal 6 and i18n for translation. The long story short: Make translation easier by keeping things simple. Don't use the t() when you can keep translatable strings fully in the database, and don't break up individual strings into multiple t().

Quick Drupal - Lessons Learned While Whipping Up a Fresh Drupal Instance

29 Nov 2013
I've recently started experimenting with using drush core-quick-drupal to create drupal sites strictly for creating patches to share on I'll walk you through my several pitfalls on the road to making this command work on Ubuntu 12.04. Hopefully, with this advice in hand, you'll be able to spin up fresh drupal instances in no time!

Getting to Done Faster with Drush and PHP

22 Nov 2013
Drush and PHP have several commands that let you 'play' with your code much faster than you can traditionally in the browser. I only recently noticed them, and I wanted to summarize how to use three separate but related techniques to write bug free code faster on the command line.