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Quick Drupal - Lessons Learned While Whipping Up a Fresh Drupal Instance

29 Nov 2013
I've recently started experimenting with using drush core-quick-drupal to create drupal sites strictly for creating patches to share on I'll walk you through my several pitfalls on the road to making this command work on Ubuntu 12.04. Hopefully, with this advice in hand, you'll be able to spin up fresh drupal instances in no time!

Getting to Done Faster with Drush and PHP

22 Nov 2013
Drush and PHP have several commands that let you 'play' with your code much faster than you can traditionally in the browser. I only recently noticed them, and I wanted to summarize how to use three separate but related techniques to write bug free code faster on the command line.

Settings.php Hack - Keep Credentials out of Your Code

12 Nov 2013
I'll walk you through how to setup your environment and Drupal settings.php file to keep your credentials out of your code. This makes your settings.php file easier to work with in Git across multiple environments by allowing you to have different credentials for work laptop than the server. You can also keep your settings.php file under source control and even try daring schemes like chmod 644 settings.php! Read on to learn more of this trickery.

Site Review -

20 Oct 2013 offers a wide selection of wine for purchase online, but their user experience leaves something to be desired. Rather than bailing on their site, I decided to articulate the problems that I encountered and try to suggest constructive alternatives to the current implementations. This post is simply the contents of that letter.

Ditching Views For SQL, Part 3

13 Oct 2013
In this third and final installment, I'll walk you through some basic Drupal theme hooks that you can use to create memorable template names and inject all the data just as you need it into that template.

Ditching Views For SQL, Part 2

09 Oct 2013
In this follow up post, I cover how to go about writing your own SQL in Drupal instead of relying on Views. For philosophy of WHY to do this, check out the first post in the series. I'll cover the theming functions in a third part. I'm starting from the assumption that you're already comfortable with SQL.

Ditching Views For SQL

07 Oct 2013
I've been using Views in Drupal since I first started using Drupal (and so have you!). So what's wrong with Views? In a word, Debugging. Like many parts of the current Drupal 7 (and Drupal 6) ecosystem, Views works like a charm until something goes wrong. The heart of the problem is that Views does too much. Learn about the alternatives and why you should consider them when Views become unwieldy.

The Missing Guide to Subnet Masks

05 Oct 2013
This post aims to make it a little easier to understand how to read and specify ranges of IP addresses using subnet masks.

7 Steps to Improving Page Load Time on Shared Hosting

08 Jun 2013
I recently optimized page load time for the Spelling Word’s Well homepage as part of a redesign. Using the YSlow Add-on helped, but I still had a learning curve to face, and I also uncovered some other tricks. Here’s a summary of the most important steps I took.

Pitfalls while Optimizing JavaScript

30 Apr 2013
I've tried to incorporate some best practices from JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov of Yahoo! Press. Here's some pitfalls I've run into and some simple fixes.