Bryce Fisher-Fleig

Fullstack Forrays into Web Development

Testing AWS Go SDK Integrations

25 Oct 2015
If you're using Testify, getting test coverage over your AWS Go SDK integration code can be really hard. I'll show my (somewhat unconventional) strategy to cover ALL the code paths in your application.

Effective Commit Messages

25 May 2015
Knowing how to write and retrieve commit messages can make refactoring and debugging much easier. Here's my advice on using commit messages for maximum impact.

Setting up Istanbul with Jasmine on NodeJS

17 Apr 2015
Istanbul is perhaps the best test coverage tool for NodeJS, but it's tough to figure out how to get started. This post explains how to get it setup.

Handlebars Considered Harmful

02 Mar 2015
Handlebars is a DSL builder in disguise tempting you to create an undebuggable mess.

How to Kill Email - Why startups will always fail to displace email

21 Nov 2014
It's painful to watch startup after startup brand themselves the "email killer." This post is the real story of how to kill email.

Faster (and more private) page load with Static Social Sharing

17 Oct 2014
Although it's tempting to use the default social sharing widgets from Facebook, Google Plus, etc., you can speed up your page load times by creating custom sharing widgets that are Javascript-free ("static").

Securing SSH with Multiple Keys

04 Sep 2014

It’s a great idea to use specific ssh-key key pairs per service (or per repository even). Even if your keys are compromised, they don’t allow your attacker to access any other services. Unfortunately, these services often assume you’ll use the default key pair (id_rsa).

7 Alternatives to Amazon CloudFront CDN

27 May 2014
A comparison of the top content delivery networks for web content in 2014 with my recommendations. I'll be focusing on the needs for encryption and static html content.

Using AWS CloudFront Behaviors with HTTPS for Planet Drupal RSS

30 Apr 2014
Many RSS validators and aggregators (including Planet Drupal) do NOT work over HTTPS. If you're using CloudFront to serve your site exclusively over HTTPS, I'll show you how to configure an additional behavior to switch specific URL patterns back to HTTP.

Avoiding the Duplicate Content Penalty with AWS S3 and CloudFront

26 Apr 2014
Google and other search engines penalize content plagiarized from other sources. However, if you're using S3 as an origin server for CloudFront, you may be in danger of the duplicate content penalty! This post explains two strategies to combat this problem.