Bryce Fisher-Fleig

Fullstack Forrays into Web Development

Recurse Center Day 1: VP9 != Matroska

08 Jan 2018
Live-blogging my way towards possibly decoding a few frames from VP9 video files while at Recurse Center

Strategies for Returning References in Rust

04 Mar 2017
In Rust, returning references from functions can be hard to master because the developer encounters Rust's novel feature -- lifetimes. I'll demonstrate the problem and show strategies for handling The Borrow Checker.

Faster CI Debugging with GitlabCI

24 Feb 2017
Don't spend hours pushing one change at a time and waiting for your jobs to start in CI. I'll show you how to setup Gitlab Runner locally and cut your CI debug time by an order of magnitude.

Why I Use GitlabCI

01 Feb 2017
For years, Github had a near monopoly on source code hosting; but Gitlab is offering real competition. Here's why I've made the switch.

A Quick Intro to the NERDTree plugin for Vim

04 Aug 2016
A concentrated summary of quirks and undocumented config options for the de facto file explorer, NERDTree, in Vim

Builtin Neovim Features Everyone Should Know

19 Jul 2016
I've been using Vim and now Neovim for several years, but I've never felt like I was taking full advantage of even the basic feature set. Here's my attempt to learn and record some really useful features of (neo)Vim that I should have picked up ages ago.

Golang Testing stdlib Errors

05 Apr 2016
Getting 100% test coverage in golang can be tricky when using the stdlib. Here's a list of ways to error several commonly used builtin funcs.

Essentials for Cloud Deployment

05 Jan 2016
A good deployment pipeline can make your team much more productive and nimble. Here's my sage advice on the most crucial overlooked features of a deployment pipeline.

Testing AWS Go SDK Integrations

25 Oct 2015
If you're using Testify, getting test coverage over your AWS Go SDK integration code can be really hard. I'll show my (somewhat unconventional) strategy to cover ALL the code paths in your application.

Effective Commit Messages

25 May 2015
Knowing how to write and retrieve commit messages can make refactoring and debugging much easier. Here's my advice on using commit messages for maximum impact.